183 – Remember Doing vs Remember To Do – Grammar Lesson

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I remember meeting her last year in Madrid.

I remember meeting her last year in Madrid.

Do you remember doing something or remember to do it? That’s a question that a lot of English learners ask me all the time. Actually, remember doing and remember to do have a totally different meaning and usage. Do you know what it is? For today’s English lesson, let’s have a look at how you can use these phrases with remember in your English conversations and writing!

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Here are the example sentences:

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  • I remember going to the beach in the summer as a kid.
  • Joe doesn’t remember singing at the party. Maybe he was too drunk.
  • Do you remember playing basketball in the park when we were in high school?
  • My father always remembered to bring the big red and white beach umbrella.
  • Joe didn’t remember to bring his karaoke machine to the party. (He forgot to bring it.)
  • Please remember to remove your shoes when you enter the house.

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