164 – Going Out To Eat Vocabulary

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164 - Going Out To Eat Vocabulary

There are lots of different kinds of food in the Big Apple

I love to eat out. There are lots of great restaurants here in NYC and eating out is one of the fun things to do here. For today’s English lesson, let look at some of the vocabulary we use related the going to a restaurant.

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Here are the example sentences:

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Example vocabulary:
There are lots of burger joints, pizza parlors, and even street vendors in NYC.
Is that for here or to go?
There are some restaurants which are buffet style.
After your meal you can ask for a doggy bag.
You can also ask the waiter, “Can I take this home?”

When the check comes, you’ll need to figure out how much of a tip (also called a gratuity) you will leave.

A lot of restaurants and bars have happy hour.
Some bars also have ladies’ night where women can drink for half price or free the whole night.

Today’s listening challenge:
  • Jenny mentions an advantage of the Italian restaurant Jack suggested. What is it?

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